Lydia Athanasiou

Research Interests

  • Cybersecurity: penetration testing, thread modelling, risk assessment in infrastructures, applications, mobile and cloud.
  • Social engineering and phishing campaigns for raising awareness.
  • Online marketplaces, incentive mechanisms, pricing
  • Peer-to-peer architectures
  • Cloud computing architectures
  • Wireless networking technologies (WiFi, WiMax) and positioning
  • Blockchain architecture and smart contract implementation in order to ensure transparency and security.
  • Digital forensics, investigation and proof reporting in the court of law.


Research Projects Participation

  • IoTFeds (2022 - present): Focus on the desing, definition and evaluation of blockhain-based trust and reputation mechanisms for the IoTFeds platform.

Professional experience

  • Mathematics & Informatics tutor Social Tutoring, Skalas Oropou, Athens, Greece 06/2019 - Present, I have been teaching informatics and mathematics to children in primary and secondary education.
  • Security engineer, Brussels Belgium, 01/09/2022 – Present. Member of the Blue team the first month and from October full time member of the red time. Implementation of penetration testing in banks, public sector, Belgian health systems and in several European institutions. Consulting our clients and also training them in social engineering attacks.