ISLET project

Showcase of Selected Outcomes

Innovative Supporting schemes for community-Led Energy Transition


* ISLET project has received funding by the LIFE Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101120073


Energy communities play a pivotal role in driving the transition towards renewable energy, particularly in small Mediterranean islands. Empowering local stakeholders to actively engage in clean energy generation and distribution fosters decentralization, resilience, and innovation in energy infrastructure. The ISLET project is dedicated to facilitating collaboration among public authorities, private investors, and citizens to develop Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in three pilot islands: Astypalea (Greece), Cres (Croatia), and Procida (Italy).


AUEB contributes innovative methodologies for assessing financing mechanisms and instruments tailored to the specificities of each community, including societal aspects. AUEB's involvement ensures that financing strategies align with the diverse needs of Mediterranean small islands, facilitating the emergence and growth of renewable community energy projects.



  • Enhance municipalities’ capacity to create a favorable environment for RECs in small Mediterranean islands.
  • Increase cooperation between local authorities and citizens to promote citizen-led initiatives in energy transition.
  • Empower local actors to collectively address energy transition targets using public resources.
  • Develop novel methodologies and tools for assessing and selecting financing mechanisms and instruments tailored to the specificities of different communities.
  • Foster dialogue among stakeholders to create supportive local policy frameworks for REC development.
  • Provide a replicable model for REC creation in Mediterranean small islands.
  • Train relevant actors in community energy development and citizen engagement.
  • Improve awareness of RECs and relevant laws among local authorities and citizens.
  • Evaluate the contribution of citizen-led initiatives to decarbonization efforts.
  • Establish a network of peer support for island municipalities in REC development.


  • Astypalea, Greece
  • Cres, Croatia
  • Procida, Italy





The ISLET project is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union and runs from October 2023 to September 2026.


Research Topics

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Communities
  • Innovative Financial Schemes
  • Business models