Marilena Minou

Research Interests

  • Network economics, incentive mechanisms, pricing
  • Economics of Energy
  • Energy: Smart Grids
  • Demand Response



Conferences & Workshops

  • M. Jain, V. Chandan, M. Minou, G. Thanos, T. K. Wijaya, A. Lindt and A. Gylling , Methodologies for Effective Demand Response Messaging , Proc. IEEE SmartGridComm , Miami, Florida , 2015 , [pdf]
  • M. Minou, G.D. Stamoulis, G. Thanos, and V. Chandan , Incentives and Targeting Policies for Automated Demand Response Contracts , Proc. IEEE SmartGridComm , Miami, Florida , 2015 , [pdf]
  • Chandan V., Ganu T. Wiyava K. T., Minou M., Stamoulis G., Thanos G., Deva P. Seetharam , iDR: Consumer and Grid Friendly Demand Response , The 5th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy '14) , Cambridge, UK , 2014 , [pdf]
  • Minou M., Thanos G., Vasirani M.,Ganu T., Jain M. Gylling A. , Evaluating Demand Response Programs: Getting the Key Performance Indicators Right , Demand Response Workshop of the 5th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy '14) , Cambridge, UK , 2014 , [pdf]
  • G. Thanos, M. Minou, T. Ganu, V. Arya, D. Chakraborty, J. Deventer, G. D. Stamoulis. , Evaluating Demand Response Programs By Means Of Key Performance Indicators , 5th International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS) , Bangalore, India , 2013 , [pdf]
  • M. Kanakakis, M. Minou, C. Courcoubetis, G. D. Stamoulis, G. Thanos , A Practical Iterative Price-Based Approach for Optimal Demand-Response , The Third International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies , Lisbon, Portugal , 2013 , [pdf]

Research Projects Participation


  • OPTi H2020-EE-649796: ¬†Optimisation of District Heating Cooling systems
  • WATTALYST FP7-ICT-288322: Modelling and Analysing Demand Response Systems for Smart Grids


Marilena Minou

Contact Info

Network Economics and Systems Theory Lab
76 Patission Str., GR-10343, Athens
Antoniadou wing, 4th floor
Department of Informatics
Athens University of Economics and Business